William Herbert Sheldon created the most popular classification of body types. It includes ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs. Each of these body types requires a specific training complex and diet. One person can combine different types, however, one still prevails.

Bright Side decided to figure out what people with different body types should eat and how to train in order to receive the best results.

How to define your body type

Measure your wrist. If the circumference is 6-7 inches, then you are an ectomorph; if it’s 7-8 inches, you’re a mesomorph; more than 8 inches means you’re an endomorph. You can also measure your ankle. Usually, it is 2 inches more than your wrist. Or you can take the test here.


Necessary actions: Grow muscle mass and form a beautiful body definition.

Exercising plan: Split-system training every 2 days. You need to work through 1-2 groups of muscles during each training session. Don’t forget to warm up.

Diet: You need to consume 0.13 oz (8 g) of carbs, 0.07 oz (4.3 g) of proteins, and 0.02 oz (1 g) of fat for each pound (kg) of weight. Your diet should include rice, oatmeal, pasta, beans, vegetables, non-fat meat and fish, and dairy with average fat status. Exclude sweets.


Necessary actions: Burn excess fat, increase stamina, and support shape.

Exercising plan: You have to vary the training types, weights, number of repeats, and visits to the gym.

Diet: 0.1 oz (6 g) of carbs, 0.06 oz (4 g) of proteins, and 0.02 oz (1.2 g) of fat for each pound (kg) of weight. You need to consume meat, fish, beans, and protein mixtures. Exclude sweets and starchy foods.


Necessary actions: Speed up metabolism, burn excess weight, and form body definition.

Exercising plan: Aerobic training with average weights. The training sessions can be long to accelerate metabolism.

Diet: 0.04 oz (2.5 g) of carbs, 0.05 oz (3.5 g) of proteins, and 0.02 oz (1.3 g) of fat for each pound (kg) of weight. You need to eat small portions 4-5 times a day, count calories, and consume as little fat as possible (non-fat fish, chicken meat without skin, and egg whites). Fruits and other carbs should only be eaten in the morning.