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Do This 4-Minute Exercise Daily to Change Your Body in a Month

We know how hard it is to find time to go to the gym on a regular basis. Bright Side has found for you one exercise that will help you to slim down, tone up your muscles, and get healthier in just 4 minutes a day. The right way to do a plank To make […]

9 Important Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance That Harm Your Appearance

The growth and development of the human body greatly depend on the function of hormones. These tiny signaling molecules are responsible for our mood, emotions, behavior, and even our appearance. We at Bright Side decided to find out about the most common symptoms of hormonal imbalances that can affect your looks. If you suspect you have some of these symptoms, talk to your doctor immediately. […]

This 5-Minute System From a Famous Athlete Works Miracles

Just 5 minutes of this daily exercise system, developed by the famous biologist and athlete J. P. Muller, will help you keep your body in perfect shape. What’s more, you can do it anywhere: at home, in the office, on the beach, etc. Today Bright Side invites you to test the incredible system for yourself. […]

9 Smart Ideas on How to Wash Your Hair Less Often

We feel disappointed when our hair gets dirty too soon, so we feel the need to wash it more often. But this can work against us: the follicles are actively stimulated and the next day our hair appears unclean again. Bright Side has found some great ideas to help you wake up with clean and […]

10 Reasons Why Asians Are so Slim

Statistically, Asians are the slimmest people on Earth. “That’s genetics,” you’ll say. But that’s only partly right: traditions and habits also play a big part in staying fit. Bright Side has revealed 10 secrets that help Asians stay in shape without strict diets or exhausting exercises. 10. Attitude to food Apart from the quality and […]

A Month Before a Heart Attack, Your Body Will Warn You With These 8 Signals

Prevention is better than cure. This simple rule applies to any disease and is especially valuable when symptoms are not properly acknowledged. Bright Side will describe crucial symptoms that might occur one month (or even earlier) before a heart attack. You don’t need to become a total hypochondriac, but a bit of health awareness never […]

10 Sugar Substitutes That’ll Save Your Health

The first thing that all healthy eating practitioners recommend is cutting down on sugar. We know ourselves that sugar is of little benefit to our health; besides, its energy value is 398 kcal for 100 g. But it’s so hard to renounce all the sweet stuff! Good news! We at Bright Side have found 10 […]

18 Foods Your Body Will Thank You for Eating

Bright Side made a list of superfoods that will make any woman look bright and feel healthy. Every woman has her own ways of making her skin look naturally even and radiant. But there are some universal things that will help you make your skin glow and slow down the aging process. Foods high in […]

8 Tried-and-Tested Methods to Prevent Excessive Sweating

Despite having numerous means to combat perspiration and body odor, sometimes – during physical activity, stress, or heat – we still have to struggle with wet spots under our arms, and the smell they emit is nothing like roses. Bright Side is going to tell you what to do to get rid of these troublesome […]

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