Most problems are easier to solve together instead of doing it alone. The same goes for fitness: if you exercise together, you support and motivate each other and make your relationship stronger.

Bright Side has found 9 effective exercises for those who want to exercise together with their partners.

Squats back to back

The muscles you train: Hips, calves, and buttocks.

How to do it: Stand back to back with your partner, twist your arms, take a step forward and start doing deep squats.

How many: 3 sets, 10 squats at a time.

Squats with moving a leg back

The muscles you train: quads, hip biceps, and buttocks.

How to do it: Stand face to face with your partner, hold hands, take a step back, and start doing squats. Person 1 does squats as usual, and person 2 moves their leg back in every squat. Then switch places.

How many: 2 sets, 10 squats for each leg.

Double push-ups

The muscles you train: chest, triceps, shoulders, and abs.

How to do it: The guy takes the starting position with the girl on his back. The girl’s hands are on her partner’s legs, with her own legs on the guy’s back. The guy does push-ups, holding his partner on his back. When the guy returns to the starting position, the girl does a push-up.

How many: 2 sets, 10 push-ups in each.

High five

The muscles you train: delts and triceps.

How to do it: Both partners take the push-up position in front of each other and do push-ups together. When they return to the starting position, they high five each other, changing hands after each push-up.

How many: 2 sets, 10 reps in each.


The muscles you train: abdominals.

How to do it: Partners sit in front of each other, twist their legs and start lifting the body touching each other’s hands every time they face each other.

How many: 2 sets, 10 reps in each.

Vertical twists

The muscles you train: Abs and hips.

How to do it: The man stands straight and the girl puts her legs around the guy’s waist and starts doing twists.

How many: 2 sets, 10 twists in each.


The muscles you train: Back muscles, deltoids, and biceps.

How to do: Both partners’ hands are on a bar, and the girl puts her legs around the guy as additional weight. The partners start doing pull-ups together. A nice bonus: a kiss after each rep.

How many: 2 sets, 10 reps in each.

Pulling up legs

The muscles you train: the lower abdominal muscles.

How to do: A guy stands and the girl is on the floor holding her partner’s ankles and lifting her legs. The guy pushes the girl’s legs and then the partners switch positions.

How many: 3 sets, 10 reps in each.

Arm swings

The muscles you train: deltoids and back.

How to do it: A girl stands with her arms along the hips. The guy stands behind her back and puts his palms on her wrists. The girl lifts her arms.

How many: 3 sets, 10 reps in each.

Will you try any of these exercises with your partner? Tell us in the comment section below.