We shed 50 to 100 hairs a day, and it’s normal to see a few locks on your pillow in the morning or in the drain after your shower. The amount of hair you’re losing may depend on its length and thickness, and even on the type of pillowcase you sleep on. But if you start noticing that your part looks a bit wider, you may have reason to worry.

We at Bright Side have searched the Internet to find science-backed ways to tell if your hair loss might be more significant than it should be.

1. Try pulling on it.

One of the ways to tell if you’re losing more hair than normal is by wrapping your fingers around approximately 60 hairs and gently pulling on them. If you’re losing the right amount of hair, no more than 3 hairs should come out.

2. Pay attention to how much hair is in the drain.

It’s normal to lose some hair when you’re taking a shower, and you might also lose some more when combing it afterward. But if you’re constantly noticing a lot of hair on your bathroom floor, that could be a sign of too much hair loss.

3. Try counting the hairs that shed.

Another way to determine if you’re losing too much hair is by brushing it for 60 seconds and counting the number of hairs that fall. Losing about 10 hairs is normal, and if that’s how many come out, you shouldn’t worry about excessive hair shedding.

4. Take a look at your ponytail.

A general drop in hair thickness is one of the signs that you might have to consult your doctor. Although you probably won’t notice it until there’s a drastic difference, it may indicate significant hair loss.

5. Check your scalp for bald patches.

If you experience greater than normal hair shedding, you might even get a bald spot at the crown of your head. If you notice thin patches, that could be one of the first signs of potential hair-thinning.

6. Check how wide your part is.

Another indicator of excessive hair loss is a widening part. If there’s more scalp visible through the strands of your hair, that could also be a sign that you’re losing too much hair.

7. Take a look at your pillow in the morning.

It’s normal to lose 5 to 20 strands of hair when you toss and turn in your sleep, especially if you’re sleeping on a cotton pillowcase. They are known to absorb the moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. But if you start noticing a lot of hair on your pillow in the morning, that could potentially be a sign that you might be experiencing excessive hair shedding.

Have you been noticing any of these signs? Do you know of any other ways to tell if your hair is thinning?