Corsets have been around for many centuries, and they’ve been worn by both women and men. Nowadays, the term “corset” has become old-fashioned, and a more modern “waist trainer” has become popular. Even though there might be slight differences in these garments, both promise to make your waist tiny. But they might not produce the desired result and can affect your health in the process.

We at Bright Side want you to know how your body can change if you decide to start wearing a corset or a waist trainer regularly. Here are the things you should be aware of before taking the next step.

1. You won’t get an hourglass figure.

When you wear a waist trainer, your waist will look smaller. However, once you take it off, it will change back to its natural shape. Even if you see some results right after you take the waist trainer off and for a short period of time afterward, this effect won’t last long.

2. You won’t lose weight.

You might notice that you’ve lost a bit of weight after wearing a waist trainer. This weight, however, is most likely to be water that you’ve lost through sweating and not body fat. You might lose some body fat too because the waist trainer will squeeze your stomach and make you feel full. However, this way of losing weight isn’t healthy, nor is it sustainable.

3. You’ll feel uncomfortable.

Even if you believe you see some minor changes after using a waist trainer, they’re probably not worth it just because of how uncomfortable it is. A 2010 study on weight loss also wanted to see whether or not wearing a corset would help maintain a healthy weight in the long term. However, they weren’t able to carry this part of the study out because the majority of participants stopped wearing the corsets because of the discomfort.

4. You might develop back problems.

While you’re wearing a waist trainer, it can help you maintain good posture. But if you wear it too much, it can weaken your core muscles. So when you take it off, you may have poor posture and even back pain.

5. You’ll find it harder to breathe.

A waist trainer can also make it harder to breathe. It can even reduce your lung capacity by 30% to 60%. Because of that, you might pass out. The way waist trainers affect your lungs can also lead to even more serious problems, like inflammation and a buildup of fluids.

6. You might damage your organs and ribs.

Because a waist trainer squeezes your stomach, it affects what’s going on inside. This compression can change the position of the organs, and it’ll affect how they function along with your blood flow in general. Wearing corsets regularly and over long periods of time can even cause your ribcage to become deformed.

Have you ever worn a corset or a waist trainer? Have you noticed any results? Was it comfortable?