The British Queen Elizabeth II is 92 years old but can still visit several thousand business meetings a year and take part in making serious government decisions. She feels good not only because her health is great but also because she receives professional medical help. Fortunately for us, one of Her Majesty’s doctors, Mosaraf Ali, shared his secrets with the public.

We at Bright Side have found the most important ideas from Elizabeth’s II’s personal nutritionist’s book, Dr. Ali’s Nutrition Bible. These are the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle that all members of the Royal Family follow.

If you live the right lifestyle, 80% of diseases won’t require a doctor’s attention.

The most important thing that Dr. Ali tries to explain in his book is that if you’re healthy, your body can handle most of the problems that come its way. Colds, cuts, light inflammations, injuries, and even fractures — a healthy body doesn’t need a lot of medical care to handle these problems.

Our job is to keep our bodies healthy to make it able to fight off internal and external attacks.

How to understand how healthy you are

Here are some things Dr. Ali recommends paying attention to in order to understand if you’re in shape or not:

  • Psychological and physical endurance: Healthy people wake up refreshed, they spend their day in an active way, and get tired only in the evenings.
  • A straight back: This means that all muscles, nerves, and bones in the body are okay.
  • Healthy sleep: Healthy people fall asleep quickly and sleep well.
  • A clear overall look: It means that blood circulation is fine.
  • A good appetite: Healthy people don’t feel any disgust toward food and they don’t want to eat too much. They eat regularly and with pleasure.

Wrinkles, circles under the eyes, and other problems are not always signs of health problems. All of us have different genes and physiological traits that determine the speed of aging. This is visible if you look at the Duchesses, Meghan and Catherine: the fact that Catherine looks a little older doesn’t mean she is less healthy.

Tip: Pay attention to the first signs of health issues. If you get tired faster, sleep worse, or eat more or less than usual, you need to see a specialist.

You can use the tongue to detect health issues.

The tongue is a great indicator of what is going on inside the body. You can use it to detect problems.

  • If the tip is red, it might indicate heart problems or eating too many fast carbohydrates like chocolate and other sweets.
  • Gray plaque indicates constipation and means that the intestines aren’t functioning properly.
  • Dark red spots are a sign of anemia.
  • Yellow plaque may indicate liver-related issues.
  • Deep lines on the tongue might be a symptom of an ulcer or gastritis.
  • A wrinkled tongue with a transparent layer of saliva means that you lack water.

Tip: Look at your tongue from time to time when you look in the mirror. If the color has changed or you can see some plaque or wrinkles, you should consult a specialist.

Nutrition tips for the British Queen

Nutrition is one of the most important things for our health. For people who want to live long lives, Dr. Ali gives the following tips:

  • If you can, eat farm-grown foods.
  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables instead of canned ones.
  • Eat enough protein. Vegetarians should replace meat protein with tofu, cottage cheese, almond milk, and other foods.
  • Replace fruit juices with carrot, apple, ginger, and celery juices.
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day.
  • Eat less red meat and replace it with chicken or turkey.
  • Stop eating fried food, cheese, mushrooms, and citrus (except oranges and tangerines). Eat as little salt as you can.
  • Once a week, eat only fruit, vegetable soups, and drink water.

Tip: Watch what you eat. Not everybody can afford to buy farm-produced foods, but everyone can cut down on smoked foods, fried foods, and snacks.

Good meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Not only does the amount and the quality of the food matter, but time is a factor as well. Dr. Ali gives the following tips:

  • In the morning, eat light but protein-rich foods like eggs, almonds, and cottage cheese. You can also add fruit, cereals, and yogurts.
  • Lunch should be the most caloric meal during the day. The best combination is vegetables + protein + carbs like turkey, salad and potatoes, for example. You can eat a dessert that is not too sweet.
  • Your dinner should be light; it’s better to finish it by 7 pm — 8 pm. Avoid spicy, heavy and sweet foods — it takes a longer time to digest them so the quality of sleep may decrease.

Tip: Make your menu a week in advance and bring healthy foods with you to work. “Heavy” foods should be eaten in the first half of the day.

The right posture is the basis of health and beauty.

Dr. Ali recommends a simple exercise that can help to keep your back straight:

  • Stand up or sit down.
  • Keep your head straight — imagine that someone is pulling it up.
  • Put your shoulders back so that you feel comfortable.
  • Raise your chin until you feel that the neck and shoulder muscles are not tense any more.

Tip: Use this technique when you feel the tension in the muscles of the back, the neck, or the shoulders. Repeat it regularly to maintain the right posture.

As it turns out, the healthy lifestyle principles of the Royal Family aren’t so complex and they’re good for everyone. Do you have any tips people should follow to look and feel great?