When we spend hours working in the office, we are prone to slouching and pain in the back, hips, legs, and hands. This affects not only our body but our work performance too. That’s why it’s important to learn a few exercises and stretches that can help you beat the pain and discomfort once you finish with your job. Remember, it’s always important to keep the exercises going in order to see the true benefits.

There are so many stretches and exercises that it makes it difficult to choose which one can help the most, so we at Bright Side decided to check them out and choose the ones we got the most benefits from.

1. Resistance exercise

2. Wrist stretch

3. Wrist circles

4. Inner thigh stretch

5. Seated hip stretch

6. Wall angels

7. Shoulder stretch

8. Hamstring stretch

9. Neck stretches

10. Prayer stretch